Boju-Boju —



Boju-Boju is a personal journey towards exploring the concepts of identity, perception, duality and the multi-faceted layers of human reality. The influence on this work is from the Oro Festival of the Yoruba traditional culture. As a child, I was stuck in between the two Boju-Boju worlds; one was the playful “hide and seek” game usually enjoyed with friends while the other was the dreadful moment when we hid behind windows while the Oro was in procession.

I made use of select West African masks, which hove around different themes and also represent the masquerades encountered in my childhood. The nude models on the other hand helped in illustrating the narrative which would have been distorted had they been clad.

Boju-Boju is an adaptation of “Hide and Seek”. The overlapping themes on this project which hooves around Sexuality, Infidelity, Power, Deceit, etc. are wound into a maze, highlighting the focal points of a social spectrum and addressing salient phenomena and maladies which seem to have attained the status of normalcy. The aim is to wade through an ideological trajectory and pose questions which situate the viewer in the same scape. In an attempt to engage the viewer in the game, the entire exhibition is stretched on a 100 Meter canvass which is representational of longevity.

This installation represents the first sketch of this developing idea which will subsequently be fleshed out in four future presentations. As the story develops on a canvass which is a visual metaphor for a negative film, my thoughts gain more clarity.

Welcome… Let the game begin!


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