Travelling II —

Travelling II


Category: Photography, Installation, Video and Sound

This is the second installment of an on-going photographic series which explores the identity of the black male, its objectification and also deconstructing myths about sexuality. The title takes its cue from the game of basketball where the word “travelling” signifies a foul while life is a journey that demands perpetual motion. Appropriating this word is to highlight the constant struggle which the black male faces in his quest for identity and power.

Travelling II  is a piece that involves collaborating with two professional male dancers, Emmanuel Ndefo and Iyele Chibueze. While still retaining the basketball as a visual tool, the body, is the vehicle with which this complex landscape is navigated and dance as a medium in this conversation, represents freedom, of the body and the mind in his migration.

There are 190 photographs created in this piece and they are presented in a dark space or low lit space in the form of film negatives as each frame becomes a record of a moment as the body of these performers travel across time.

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