The Book of Baobab

opcje binarne skuteczne strategie The Book of Baobab is an ongoing long-term project that seeks to explore the myths and legends that surround the Baobab tree. The idea of the project is to embark on an adventure of visiting all the places in the world where the Baobab tree can be found, collect the different stories, myths and legends of the baobab from the locals and archive them. Just as the canonization of the books of the Christian Bible, this project seeks to gather the different accounts from various people and tribes that surround the baobab tree. The project involves the photographic documentation of the different baobabs encountered on this journey, a sound and video archiving of the stories gathered in the process of research and dialogue with the locals and series of performance pieces re-enacting some of these stories. The idea of having sound recordings of these stories is to engage in the tradition of oral storytelling which is synonymous to Africa where these stories I gather can be shared with people in other tribes. The images shown here are from Senegal, Mali and Burkina Faso.